2. The relationship between dehydration and anxiety

Dehydration is real, dehydration can be deadly. But what about minor dehydration? The kind of dehydration you don’t even think about or feel may be possible because you just drank water a few hours earlier or the night before. Well, minor dehydration can very well be the cause of…you guessed it, anxiety. Some of us are more sensitive to these feelings and anxiety can be a direct result of even minor dehydration. A lot of times even a headache will go away after drinking a good amount of water and waiting about 30 minutes!

Is drinking water enough? #

Maybe, possibly, maybe not! It really depends on what else you are eating as part of your diet (#1 of the 5 fundamentals). 

Foods like avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, broccoli are rich in nutrients and minerals. But even if you are eating cleaner and healthier veggies, it is still recommended to take some extra electrolyte or mineral supplements unless you know for a fact you are taking more than enough veggies. 

Drinking a lot of purified water (which is usually stripped of minerals) will make you pee a lot and will actually diminish your body’s electrolyte levels. Especially if you are exercising (which you will be since its part of the 5 fundamentals). Low magnesium, potassium and other minerals will cause you anxiety as well. Since everyone has different sensitivity levels, some people feel the anxiety symptoms almost immediately, and others might just “feel thirsty”.

Water Intake Calculator #

Calculate the right amount of water you should be drinking based on your height, weight and level of activity. A water intake calculator gives you a general and good idea of how much you should be drinking.