3. Cardio or strength training?

Since this guide is for general well being and mental health, professionals seem to think cardio is best type of exercise for general health and well being. Strength training is great for toning and muscle growing and its ok to incorporate in your routine, but cardio should be the main focus.  

How often should I exercise?  #

Honestly, daily. A 30 minute routine is no big deal and you might be sore the first week or so but eventually you won’t be sore anymore. If anything, at least 6 days out of the week. Try to think of exercise as something you have to do during the day. For example, you have to eat, you have to drink water, you have to get dressed, you have to shower every day. Put exercise in the same category as something you have to do and the excuse of “I didn’t have time” will go away. 

When should I exercise? #

I sometimes do it in the morning, or evening or night. It really depends on your day and schedule. The main thing for me is to exercise at least 1 or 2 hours after eating so I have some energy to go on. If i exercise on an empty stomach I wont push myself as much as I should. Everyone is different so you can experiment when is the best time for you. Right after waking up? Before bed? After or before eating? You decide what works for you.