4. The 5 fundamentals to start

The next parts are 5 fundamental things you must do and there are no exceptions. You must make these life changes and be consistent with them. What happens, and what is going to happen, and keep happening, is once you begin feeling better it will be so easy to stop doing any or all of these 5 things and you will come right back to where you started.

So remember, these are life changes that you must make and stick to from now on. I don’t like the idea of numbering these 1 thru 5 because these are in no particular order and must ALL be done before moving on to the next part of this book.Give it a few weeks or even months and you will be so freaking glad you did this. Also and again, This is a lifestyle change, meaning, it is very easy that once you start feeling good you will stop doing these things and you will fall back to your old ways, feeling anxiety again,  and then fall back to wondering what is wrong with you all over again.