3. What is “anxiety”?

I am going to make a bold but true statement, the word “anxiety” should not even exist! The word itself is a reason to even cause “anxiety”. 

“anxiety” (which by the way does not even deserve to be capitalized!) is actually a collection of feelings, mainly caused by some underlying issue. What do you feel when you feel “anxiety”? You feel nervous, your hands maybe sweat, your heart beats faster, you maybe feel dizzy or light headed.

If the word “anxiety” had not been invented, it would be so much easier to say “ I feel [these symptoms]”, and to look for remedies or solutions to those specific symptoms. 

Saying “I have anxiety”, is almost the same thing as saying “The car doesnt run right”.

“Well, what’s wrong with the car?”

“It just doesn’t run right!”

But see, that doesn’t actually tell us what’s wrong with the car. We need to know what is wrong with the car first to properly troubleshoot and fix the underlying issue. 

The goal of this guide is to bring some kind of balance that will hopefully remove, diminish, or greatly reduce those feelings of “anxiety”.