2. Introduction

Table of Contents

Thank you for reading this. It is my hope this will help you restore your body and mental state to how it was, and in the process help you completely remove or greatly diminish anxiety from your life without medication.

I have purchased multiple guides and books on anxiety and the ones I have looked at give you techniques on how to deal with anxiety, but not on reducing or removing it. I know it is possible, because I once felt “normal” too. I did my own research and experimented on myself until I found what actually works.

I like to think anxiety is non-existent. There is really no such thing. “Anxiety” is a combination of things. For example: nervousness, palpitations, sweating, feeling nauseous, and all those other combinations of ugly feelings. The word “anxiety” should not even exist. It makes things worse when you think of “it”. 

About Me #

I’ve been plagued by anxiety too. I didn’t always have it, so I know what it’s like to be “normal”. For some time I wasn’t able to drive, or go to the store. A lot of things I could do before, I no longer could. It is a scary and sad feeling to be “mentally disabled”. At times I felt like I would have rather been physically disabled and fully capable of being out and about in the world, than being how I was, physically able to do anything I wanted, but mentally disabled to where I could no longer enjoy the things I once did. 

I researched on my own, read books, bought many supplements, got blood tests done, went to the doctors office multiple times (and I always declined their medication which they were so eager to quickly prescribe!). Through trial and error I figured out what I needed to be the best version of myself now and beat anxiety. It is not just one thing, it is a combination of things, and hopefully this book will help you along your journey to mental freedom.