2. Taking a deeper dive into your needs.

Now that you are doing the 5 fundamentals, it is necessary to go in a little further into your body needs if you are still feeling anxiety. If you have insurance or can afford going to the doctor, one suggestion is getting some blood work done to check all your levels and see how you are. There are other things at play that can affect your anxiety as well and I will try to go over as many as possible. 

It is very important not to just take random supplements without first getting checked or tested to see if you have some kind of deficiency, imbalance or unable to absorb certain types of nutrients. 

If you can’t afford a doctor, some labs offer very cost effective (cheap) blood tests. Usually they charge only for the test )$20 – $100 and give you the results directly. Once you have your lab test, you can easily look up “How to read a blood test”. Its actually quite simple and you can save a good amount of money doing it this way. 

You can look up something like “blood test near me” or “blood lab near me” to find out where you can get a blood lab test at a cheap price. Usually they have something like “wellness lab test” where your basic levels are checked. If possible, I would also suggest getting vitamin D level checked, A1c test (3 months blood sugar test), and thyroid. (Seeing a doctor would really be the best thing to do)